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Marketing Made Simple

How It Works

FHANAMembers.com is a simple system that allows for maximum effectiveness with minimum effort and expense. The main purpose of the site is to host individual web sites for participating FHANA members that help you
  • Communicate and connect with your clients and prospects
  • Tap into the cost savings and marketing benefits of being part of the group
  • Edit, add, or expand your content at will
  • Take advantage of expert marketing tools and insight
  • Choose from custom designed templates for a professional, cutting edge image 
In addition to the individual member websites, the portal includes news, information about the group, how to join FHANA, and instructions on how to create your member site. Because content is created and maintained by each member, the group site is always fresh and dynamic, giving visitors a reason to return often, and giving Google the signal to rank the site high in search results.
Marketing Focus

Your FHANAMembers website goes beyond what is currently available on most sites because of its focus on marketing.  Every decision about the look and feel, functionality, and feature set was created with marketing in mind.  Its like having your own marketing manager on board.  Our Market Guidelines section will give you information to help you be more successful.

For those who consider themselves technically challenged, or simply don't have the time, we offer two services to give you a hand.

Set Up Assistance
You send us your copy and photos [or direct us to your current site] and we'll set everything up for you.  If you need help with Defining the content and would like a helping hand throughout the process, we're happy to do that as well.  Prices start at $100.

Executive Service
This is for larger or more complex sites.  Beckie LaSalle will help you make the most of your FHANAmember site and your overall marketing strategy.  Prices start at $250.  Contact Beckie LaSalle for details,

How to Get Started

You'll need your user name and password to log in and begin to set up your site.  If you have not been provided with these, email mpower@energize.info and we'll set up an account for you.  Be sure to let us know which subscription level you're interested in, Basic, Standard or Premium.  See Pricing and Features for details.

  • Once you've logged in, select Account Details in the left column to fill in your contact information, save changes.  You maychange your password at any time through the Account Password link.
  • Now for the fun part.  Select Website Settings in the left column to choose the style, colors and font for your banner. Click Preview to see how the combination looks.  You can experiment all you like.  With each change, Save Changes and Preview.  If you decide to change your selections at a later date, its as easy as clicking and saving. 
  • Next select Website Pages. You'll set up the different sections and navigation for your site.  The number of sections you are given depends on your subscription level, and is shown at the bottom left of window.  Click Add New to start a new section.  A Standard subscription allows 8 navigation tabs, plus the Home page tab, for example.
  • Click the Add New button to create a section/navigation tab.   There are more Generic pages available than any other.  You can use these in a variety of ways.  Use for About, Contact, Services or whatever you need.
  • Adding Images: You can change the banner/header image for each section, or keep it the same.  Use jpg files up to 2MB.  We do recommend 500k, but if you cannot resize, give it a try. 
  • You may add up to 2 images in the text section for each Generic page type.  If you try to upload a few 2MB images, you may get an error message or see that your images did not upload properly.  If this is the case, either downsize the file or upload the images one at a time.  It is also advisable to use a one word file name, myhorsephoto.jpg instead of my horse photo.jpg, for example.
  • We have provided a field for you to added embedded code to link to YouTube, Facebook, Googlemaps or a variety of other sites.  Just copy and paste the code from each site, or for each video, into the box.
  • Text: As a rule you can copy [Ctrl + c] and paste [Ctrl + v] text from any digital source and use it on your site.  When you paste the text a window will open for you to paste the copy into. 
  • Tip:  When you are editing text on your site and you hit the save button, what was previously on that page is now gone.  If you're experimenting, you may want to save a copy in another place, such as an open Word page or an open email page.  That way, if you need to revert to your previous text for any reason, you have it handy.  Also, if you click away from the page without saving it, your updates will not be saved.
  • Horse pages: You have one or two horse pages depending on your subscription level.  Each horse entry may have up to 5 images.  Depending on your needs, you can list a variety of horses on a page.  You can list your Mares individually and if you have foals or other horses for sale, you can list them as well. 

    Example Headline: Twin Creeks Mares, Foals and Horses for Sale

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